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What Sets Us Apart?


Usage of virgin/brownfield sites with low development costs (only needs water supply)


Can be built on small plot of lands (two units upwards) even with access restrictions


Choice of wide range of home to suit your budget, planning and design requirements


Adaptable and flexible modular housing solution with energy efficient features


Affordable solution for temporary accommodation within LHA rates.

Show Site

  • Cocoon Project Kudos Modular Housing

The company is opening one eco-village in Kent, South-East so that clients can view the full range of design solutions. The aim is to make the sites as live projects housing people from the local area.

The sites will demonstrate how easy it is to assemble our modular housing; how storage and transport is made cost efficient; and how site infrastructure is not needed for a fully functioning development to be delivered.

For arranging a visit to our eco village, please follow this link.

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